PUBGOnline First Ever Event

On 05/08/2017 Bransta44 announced PUBG’s first ever community tournament with a prize pool of $350:

The event was based on public servers. It had it’s pros & cons, the main idea behind the event was so People from all regions got a chance to play in the tournament since it was based on the weekend (Friday 10 Am – Monday 10 AM) Furthermore, we got a chance to introduce our community to all regions making us well known for our tournaments & scrims. Therefore, it brought us the viewership and many other benefits needed to set us up with sponsorship’s etc.

As a result, the winners of the tournament are the following:

Please Keep in mind that all these tournaments hosted by us (PUBGonline) are community-based, they are NOT affiliated with Bluehole or PlayerUnknown’s developer team.