February 1st, 2019 - 06:00 am

CASH Reward System for Showdown Series


The PUBGOnline Showdown Series will look a little bit different going forward with the rest of this season.

We have removed the end of season bonus, and added additional money to the total season prize-pool. All payouts for the season *_will *_be applied retroactively. This means that the teams who placed in 1st in the previous 10 games, will now receive $500, 2nd place, $250, and so forth. This retroactive application will ensure that no team makes less money than they would have previously, only more.

*Showdown Series teams will now play three games a night throughout the season. *

Contender Series teams will still abide by the universal point system.

1st: $500

2nd: $250

3rd: $200

4th: $150

5th: $100

6th: $50

7th: $25

8th: $25

9th: $20

10th: $20

11th: $15

12th: $15

13th: $10

14th: $10

15th: $5

16th: $5

$10 per kill

$100 Bonus for First Kill

Previous System Payout: $50,000

New Retroactive Adjustments: $65,720


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