August 30th, 2018 - 10:41 pm

Ghost Gaming: Where Are They Now?


Ghost Gaming

Last season stats

  • Placed 4th
  • Kills 71
  • Avg. Placement 7.3
  • Avg. Kills 3.6
  • Wins 2

Other Tournament Stats

  • GLL Season 2 Grand Finals 9th
  • PAN-Continental 2018 7th
  • GLL Season 1 Grand Final 3rd
  • INV 10th
  • PGL Spring INV 1st
  • 20-teams
  • PGI 2018 Finals FPP 6th
  • Firstblood INV June 2018 1st
  • PGI 2018 NA Quals 2nd (two subs used)


  • Turtle
  • Miccoy
  • Allajin


Consistency: Ghost has gone through a rough patch in placements, but recently has been placing consistently high since the addition of coach JabroniMac.

Fragging: Ghost has a good squad of fraggers, but with the recent departure of PrOphie, we will see if Allajin has what it takes to fill the demigod’s shoes.

Rotations: With BALLOC calling the shots, Ghost makes very smart rotations. They only get caught in transition late game if the circle hard shifts off of them.


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