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PUBGOnline Showdown Tournament Series Rules


PUBGOnline Showdown Tournament Series

The PUBGOnline Showdown Tournament Series is an ongoing top tier series that operates on a weekly schedule. It is designed to allow top teams to consistently compete at a high level.

General Series Rules:

  • If a Showdown or Contender Series team breaks up, opts out, etc., a new team may take its place. If we are at the end of a season, a new team may be promoted for the next season.
  • Showdown Series Teams will be using our new CASH Reward System. To read more about that, click here.
  • Contender Series and Open Series Teams will be given points depending on how they finish each match and Contender Series matches, how many kills they have. The point distribution is as follows:

1st Place – 400 points

2nd Place – 330 points

3rd Place – 280 points

4th Place – 240 points

5th Place – 210 points

6th Place – 180 points

7th Place – 150 points

8th Place – 120 points

9th Place – 100 points

10th Place – 80 points

11th Place – 60 points

12th Place – 40 points

13th Place – 30 points

14th Place – 20 points

15th Place – 10 points

16th Place – 0 points

Kills are worth 16 points (Contender and Promotional Matches).

  • In-game rules are default, with the exception of
    • No red zones
    • Flare Gun care package off
    • 1.5 x ARs
    • 1.3 x DMR
    • 1.3 x Sniper
    • 0 x Costumes
    • 0 x Flare guns
    • 0 x Level 3 helmet
    • First person perspective only

Circle settings:

How To Sign Up:

  • Players must create teams with a minimum of 4 members and a maximum of 6 members. The player who creates the team is automatically the Team Owner. This can be adjusted by promoting another player to this position on the website
  • Register your team here:https://play.mainline.gg
  • Note: If your team name needs changing, please contact an admin at http://discord.gg/pubgonline
  • Register for events here:https://play.mainline.gg/pubg
  • Showdown Series and Contender Series teams need to have one player in their discord channel no later than 30 mins prior to the event, and all four players no later than 15 mins before.

Broadcast/Match Times:

  • Series will be held each week Monday and Tuesday unless otherwise indicated.

North America:

8pm – 11pm Eastern

7pm – 10pm Central

6pm – 9pm Mountain

5pm – 8pm Pacific


8pm – 12am CEST

7pm – 11pm BST

2pm – 6pm EST

11am – 3pm PST

  • Dates and times for Promotional matches will be announced close to the date on which they will be held.
  • Broadcasted events will be on http://www.twitch.tv/pubgonline


1.1 General

  • Every team must read, understand and agree to the rules for participation in the PUBGOnline Showdown Tournament Series. Players must agree and consent to these rules, as well as PUBGOnline’s authority to enforce them, as a condition of their participation. Each player is therefore expected and required to abide by the rules, and any failure to follow them will result in punitive measures. Participation in our matches is considered agreement and consent to our rules.
  • The PUBGOnline administration reserves the exclusive right to decide outside or even against the rulebook in special cases to ensure fair play.

1.2 Conduct

  • All players are asked to behave in a humane way towards other competitors, and to any member of the PUBGOnline staff. If a player is found guilty of misconduct by an administrator, they may receive a penalty. Teams risk bans and expulsions from the PUBGOnline Showdown Tournament Series for any and all misconduct, to be decided at PUBGOnline’s sole discretion.

1.3 Competitive Rules

  • Each player may only use their own account.
  • Each team must have four (4) players present throughout the entire tournament in their assigned Discord channel, regardless of whether the team is currently playing, waiting to play, or otherwise occupied.
  • A fifth slot in a team’s assigned discord channel may be requested for use by that team’s official coach or team manager.
  • If the fifth slot is being used, the coach or manager using the slot must remain muted for the duration of the match until all players of the assigned team are no longer in the match. If this rule is not followed the team will forfeit their fifth slot.
  • Each team must have at least one designated person who is eighteen (18) years of age or older, who shall be responsible for distributing any prizes. This can be the same player as the Team Captain or another person entirely.
  • Teams must hold an appropriate name. Any team attempting to sign up for an event with a name deemed unsuitable will be asked to create a new team name in order to participate. The team name will be temporarily altered until a suitable name is found.
  • If any player is experiencing a known bug they must contact an admin immediately. Failure to do so may result loss of points, temporary suspension, and/or indefinite ban.
  • Each player shall use their best efforts to report any new bugs found immediately. Any player knowingly using one (1) or more bugs to their advantage may immediately disqualify their team from the match, day or event(s).
  • Due to any possible technical issues with PUBG or its servers, games may be rescheduled or canceled at the sole discretion of the Admins.
  • Servers will be restarted in the event that 4 or more players from different teams are kicked from the server prior to match start, or if multiple players from the same team are kicked from the server.
  • Match will be restarted if the settings of the server are incorrect.
  • Cheating is strictly prohibited. All players as a condition of their participation in PUBG Online’s Showdown Series agree to refrain from manipulating game files in any way, using any unapproved game modifications, or any other method by which one may gain an unfair advantage over another player. The definition of cheating will be determined at the exclusive discretion of BattlEye and PUBG Corp., with rare exception when applicable.
  • Using game mechanics that affect the integrity of competitive play is strictly prohibited.
  • This includes, but is not limited to, excessive tanking the blue, healing in the blue for the majority of the game without attempting to enter the circle, to be determined at the sole discretion of the Admins.
  • If any player is found using banned software, scripts, macros, etc., during competitive play, all games that were affected due to cheats will be subject to forfeiture and other potential penalties, i.e. loss of points, temporary suspension, indefinite bans, etc.
  • If any player owns an account with a Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game ban either by BattlEye or by a manual ban, this player shall be indefinitely banned and excluded from any and all PUBGOnline events.
  • We reserve the right to request replays of games of any player as deemed necessary, additionally it is entirely possible that a user will be chosen randomly to gather replay files from to keep them on hand.
  • Failure to comply with a request for a replay of a game will result in a penalty, suspension or ban.
  • An official team member is defined as a player that has played in a minimum of 50% of the current splits matches.
  • If a team disbands, the series position for that month will stay with the majority of the official team members provided that majority is on the same team, whether that team is new or extant. If the amount of members in separate teams is even, the series position will stay with the half that includes the captain of the team.
  • If a team no longer has a minimum of two (2) official team members on their roster, that team will no longer retain their series position and a new team will be given their series position.
  • If the team entirely disbands, or majority of the team moves to another team, the remaining solo player might retain the position if prior members individually contact and consent to the solo player retaining the position. This retention of position is solely at an admin’s discretion.
  • At the beginning of a new season, a team must have a minimum of two (2) official team members from the previous season for the first match day.
  • If a team does not have a minimum of 2 official team members from the previous season for the first match of the regular season, the team will be removed from their series position immediately and will be replaced by a new team.
  • Promotional matches played count toward the following season’s roster eligibility.
  • Any acts of God, major tournament events (approved by a PUBG Online Admins), or other approved instances will be excused from this rule on a case by case basis
  • NOTE: Two teams may not combine points if they merge teams.
  • Permanent members of our Showdown or Contender Series teams may not substitute to a lower division.
  • A player is defined as someone who has actually participated in a match, and NOT defined as players who have been signed up.
  • Roster locks are weekly. A player may only play in one team per week.

1.4 Streaming

  • All PUBGOnline Showdown Tournaments or qualifying matches are allowed to be streamed at the player’s discretion. Players should take potential stream sniping into consideration and plan accordingly. A minimum stream delay of 180 seconds (3 minutes) is required while streaming any PUBGOnline events.

1.5 Conclusion

  • All rules are subject to change at anytime without notice. If you find any errors and/or mistakes please message an Admin in discord.gg/pubgonline.


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