September 18th, 2018 - 07:55 pm

Top 5 NA Free Agents 9/18/2018


In this article I will be explaining who I think are the top 5 most desirable free agents in the current state of the NA scene. All of the names I am using are sourced from drainxx's reddit roster royale thread. Link to it is here:

Pr0phie (Ghost Gaming)

The demigod of NA pubg and a long standing franchise player for Ghost Gaming, Pr0phie’s departure was not expected (at least to me). Even with roster royale going on, he is now the highest rated NA free agent. A top 10 NA fragger with insane game knowledge, any team not looking to pick him up is making a mistake.

Frolicer (Cloud9)

The tested veteran Co-IGL/Support player from Cloud9 is now a free agent. Having gone through the highs and lows of the old c9 roster(s) with Chappie, Solid, Frexs, and Moody, and then Reum, Stab, and Moody, he knows what it means to be dedicated to the game even when your team isn’t performing at what it could be. Being one of the few Tier 1 free agents in NA, he is a great pick up for any team.

7Teen (Team Secret/Optic Gaming)

Tanner is an OG player from the NA scene, being the IGL for Optic Gaming. After being dropped by Optic in a drama fest, he went to SA to join Team Secret. Secret was the top SA team at the time, but compared to any other region, failed to compete. After leaving Team Secret he is back from SA and ready to lead a top tier NA team. He is one of the top free agent IGL’s on the NA market and any team without a solid IGL could make great use of 7Teen.

SolidFPS (TSM/Cloud9)

Just like his name, SolidFPS is a solid fragger that can come up clutch in most situations. He played for the OG Cloud9 roster with Chappie, Frexs, Moody, and Frolicer and had success there. He was transferred to a split TSM team and unfortunately was on the wrong end of the stick when TSM decided to go to a full EU roster. He is a more passive player and would be a great pick-up for teams who like to get a center compound early and hold it down.

Smithy (Nova/Totality)

With unfortunate circumstances, Smithy is a free agent coming from the long standing Totality roster that had been recently transferred to Nova. Smithy is a long standing Tier 1 NA player coming from EU. He is a hard fragger and any NA team looking to pick up their own splash of EU is right on the mark by picking up Smithy.


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