August 30th, 2018 - 10:45 pm

Wildcard Gaming: Where Are They Now?


Wildcard Gaming

Last season stats

  • Placed 2nd
  • Kills 101
  • Avg. Placement 7.8
  • Avg. Kills 5.1
  • Wins 3

Other Tournament Stats

  • 16-teams
  • GLL Season 2 Grand Finals 4th
  • DreamHack Austin 2018 10th
  • May 2018 Curse Trials Finals 12th
  • April 2018 Curse Trials Finals 11th
  • Auzom Season 2 NA Final 11th
  • PGL Spring INV 3rd
  • 20-teams
  • Firstblood INV June 2018 9th
  • PGI 2018 NA Quals 8th (two subs used)


  • Toumai
  • Kickstart
  • Pride
  • Sharpshot


Consistency: Wildcard Gaming is consistent to a T. Unfortunately for Wildcard, they are consistently getting 8th-11th place.

Fragging: Wildcard Gaming has a full roster of highly-skilled fraggers that can mow down any team in their way.

Rotations: Rotations are where Wildcard struggles. They either get caught out in rotation or crash a compound that is already occupied and lose members early.


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